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You are a medium-sized international company.
We offer a complete range of multilingual services just for you.

Our multilingual services

Cultural adaptation (transcreation)
DTP, datasheet edition
Translation Memory Management

The content we translate

Marketing & communication
Sales & Technical training
User's and Admin Guides

The industries we serve

Transport & Tourism
Environment, Energy

Each client is important to us, regardless of company size

You need to localize a few documents or tools per month.
It is our core business, therefore your projects will always be our top priority.

You are a medium-sized company.
So are we, therefore you pay for the service you get, not for heavy overhead costs.

You need content translated but haven't got time to handle it.
We give you access, through a one-stop shop, to the same network of professional translators as large agencies, all over the world.

You have a limited budget and high quality requirements.
We tailor our teams to provide you with adapted, best-in-class responses.

Is your business global?
Is your translation budget limited?
Contact us and find out how Unik'Com can help you:

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